The Blue Mango is located in South America, on Colombia’s northern coast  by the Caribbean sea. We are approximately 1 hour away by car heading East from the colonial city of Santa Marta and 5km after the entrance to the Tayrona national park.


Colombia’s northern coast has three main cities, from west to east: Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta.

Your first stop will be arriving at one of these three cities either by plane or by land from abroad or from elsewhere in the country – most flights from abroad will connect via Bogota.

From here your journey to the Blue Mango will have two main stages:


From Cartagena

By Bus: From Cartagena’s airport, you can grab a bus directly to Santa Marta. The bus offices will be next to the airport—ask at the information kiosk inside the airport for directions. The total journey time to Santa Marta will be about 4 hours.

By Car: You can book a private taxi from the airport to take you directly to Santa Marta. The journey will take 4 hours.

Cartagena is not that close to Santa Marta, so unless it is already part of your itinerary, it might be best to arrive in Santa Marta.

From Barranquilla

By Bus: From Barranquilla’s airport, take a taxi to the offices of a bus company for about COP $20,000. Ask for directions at the information kiosk. A bus ride to Santa Marta will cost about COP $20,000 and will take about 2 hours.

By Car: From the airport, you can book a car service or taxi to Santa Marta. It will take about 2 hours.


By Bus:

Take a taxi from the airport to ‘El Mercado’ on Carrera 11 con calle 11—Santa Marta’s market.
From ‘El Mercado’ find a bus going to the Tayrona park. Let the driver know you are going to “Costeño Beach”. The bus ride will cost about COP $7,000 and will take about an hour.
Once you leave Santa Marta, you will cross a few towns. The landscape will become mountainous and lush green. The bus will stop at the Tayrona Park, don’t get off though. Take the chance to remind the driver you are getting off about 7-10 mins from the park. Let them know the hotel entrance is called “Costeño beach entrance”.
Almost there! Once you get off the bus you will see our sign on the entrance to a road that goes through a plantation. Walk 10 mins towards the ocean. The path will turn right; continue walking for another 30 mins. Or you just can take a mototaxi ride for $5.000

By Car:

There is also the option of a door to door service picking you up from anywhere in Santa Marta or the SMR airport and dropping you off directly at the hotel. Let us know and we are happy to organise this for you.
If you are arriving by car, take the Troncal del Caribe highway all the way to the Tayrona Park entrance. Keep going for another 10 mins until you find our entrance to the left shortly after the Mendihuaca resort. You can drive on the path from the highway towards the sea and through the plantation. Follow the path as it turns right once it reaches the palm tree covered beach. Keep going for another couple minutes all the way to the hotel’s entrance.